1. Online Business related  



  • 網上商店 Shopping Cart with payment (One-off Development)  

  • 數碼營商平台 Company Website with CMS (One-off Development)

  • 微信商店開發及微信支付申請 Wechat Shop Setup (Annual Fee)

  • 智能電子銷售機 Smart Kiosk + Shopping Cart

  • 網店流動裝置應用程式開發 App Development



2. 提升效率系統及服務 Other IT service

  • 課程報名系統: Course Enrollment System (One-off Development)

  • 雲端遙距團隊管理: 員工/會員內部溝通系統 Staff/ Member Intranet /Chatroom (One-off Development)

  • 社交平台大數據輿情分析系統 Social Media AI Big Data Dashboard (Annual Fee)

  • 線上客戶服務和推廣 CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • 網上虛擬商店/ 網上展廳 VR Tour for Retail Shop and Exhibition

  • 搜尋引擎優化 服務SEO service (Annual Fee)

3. O2O軟件及硬件銷售 O2O IT Product 

  • AI 遙距能體溫監測系Online CCTV and AI Human Body Temperature Measurement

  • 數碼支付/流動裝置零售管理系O2O POS system and all in one payment solution (Annual Fee)